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"Telemedicine facility came as a lifesaver for me"

My search for a hospital seemed to have reached a dead end. Even the doctors were not available for consultancy. In the meantime, my temperature soared, and I was seething with body pain.

Understandably, everyone in the family was panicking. And, the visuals of the heart-wrenching struggles of people on TV made us feel that much more vulnerable. Needless to mention, Mumbai at that point in time was bursting at the seams with rising Covid cases.


Sreenivas Doddi & Family

That is when, Yogesh Bhavsar, Plant Manager, Wada, suggested, "Why don't you try our company's Telemedicine facility on Leena AI." Unsure of any assistance, I reluctantly registered my case on the company's chatbot. To my pleasant surprise, I received back a call within 5 minutes for an online consultancy. The Telemedicine service also arranged for my medical tests and got the medicine delivered to my place. And what was more reassuring was the 24X7 availability of online help. The trained doctors would be monitoring my progress almost every day.

Sure enough, my situation gradually improved and today if I am up and about, a large part of the credit goes to Leena AI. I was particularly touched by their genuine care and concern for the patients.

Undoubtedly, Telemedicine came as a Lifesaver for me. And, it was so convenient. Imagine the ordeal of patients who stand in queues for hours outside hospitals just for consultancy. Moreover, this prevents us from getting any fresh exposure as one does not need to go to any hospital.

I now keep promoting the usefulness of Leena AI to my colleagues. I urge people to use our Telemedicine service as the first line of treatment.

God bless you, HCCB for providing such a useful service.

As told by Sreenivas Doddi, Production Manager, Wada


Prathamesh Mehendale's Mother

“A phone call that saved my mother’s life”

My sister almost broke down on the phone. All she could mumble was, "Aai's oxygen level is down to 86 now." This was enough to send shivers down my spine. Hospitalization was of course imminent. But it was almost impossible to find a bed in any hospital. The situation worsened because my sister was alone in Vapi and I was around 1200 km away in Bengaluru.

In a normal circumstance, I would have asked a neighbor or a relative to visit home. But this time we had to consider the grim reality of the outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus.

Time was ticking away. In that panic situation, I first called up my Manager, Vishwas Agarwal, and he immediately took G.S. Raghu, our recently appointed Consultant for People and Enterprise Safety, on a con call. And then what followed was a well-oiled organizational response in quick successions. It was heartening to see everyone going above and beyond to extend all possible help.

Vasant, our colleague from HR in Ahmedabad immediately set up an online Teleservice call with a Covid doctor and the medication started. Simultaneously Chitra, Parth, Siddharth, and many others started calling and coordinated with FHPL, our official health partner. As a first step, they registered my mother's name in a few hospitals. Understandably, she was waitlisted. Simultaneously, as per the doctor's advice, my sister managed to get all the requisite medical tests done from the hospitalization point of view. At the same time, Suresh Babu, our colleague from Finance, arranged to send me the e-card of our health insurance that can be submitted to avail of hospitalization in our approved panel of hospitals.

As luck would have it, my mother got a bed in a hospital the next day. And her treatment started before the 'golden hour'. Thankfully, my mother has recovered and is now back home.

I don't have words to express my gratitude. But I must say HCCB is a family. In adversity, we show our unity.

As told by Prathamesh Mehendale, National Head, Georgia and Commercial Beverages


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