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Paranomic Mural at Ameenpur Brings Out the Spirit of HCCB

Fusing tradition and modernity in a pictorial depiction


As Pablo Picasso once said,

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Whether we realize it or not, the colours we see around us have a major influence on our moods. Art creates emotion, and to be surrounded by it makes for an instant mood uplifter. Taking this philosophy into account, you will find that an artistic flair runs in our work culture, from the mural art around our factory locations to the sand art we create to mark noteworthy occasions.

The new mural art set up at the Ameenpur factory is a vibrant display of creativity at its best, sure to catch any onlooker's eye. The joyous colour palate and lively style of the wall painting are what draw you in, but even beyond that, you will find that the piece is deeply rooted in the Indian spirit, as well as a true depiction of HCCB as a company.

It’s all in the details

This panoramic painting, which took weeks to perfect, depicts the ‘Tree of Life’, a symbol that represents values such as growth, strength and abundance. It accurately reflects HCCB’s own values in this sphere, as we are a space conducive to the growth of our employees, offering a creative, innovative, inclusive and diverse work culture to all.

We have added our own touch to this take on the tree of life, by adding flowers that encompass symbols representing the core of HCCB as an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, water conservationist, last mile connectivity and a technology-oriented multi-product brand. In this way, we have creatively incorporated the ideals and strengths of HCCB into the heart of this panoramic mural.

An art style rooted in tradition

Those familiar with the indigenous styles of illustration will recognise the unique tilt of the brush strokes which is peculiar to the ‘Kalamkari’ form of traditional art. Kalamkari is an ancient art form that originated in the modern-day states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Kalamkari painting style is often characterized by motifs of animals and birds, featuring the tree of life as an important symbol. 

You will find this stunningly intricate art form lining the walls of the 17th-century temples in Andhra Pradesh, on glass panels in ancient temples and stretched across canvases for use in storytelling. Our aim in picking this widely beloved art form for the mural was to strengthen our roots in Telangana and showcase an intrinsic connection with the local community. 

The finished mural forms a captivating image of HCCB at its best, capturing its boundless energy, inclusive culture and vibrant work environment. Integrating art into the office atmosphere has been a conscious effort on our part, in order to boost the creativity and morale of all our employees and create a space that feels truly special to be a part of.


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