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Perfecting HCCB’s Fitness Regime


Sandip Magar

Health is wealth, is how the adage goes. But as the wise know, health is always better than wealth.

HCCB is glad to have one such wise man teaching lessons of fitness to the workforce.

Sandip Magar, a forklift operator at HCCB’s factory in Pune is also a qualified fitness trainer who has taken up the responsibility of seeing that his colleagues are fit. “What if my workday gets stretched a bit? A stretching session with my colleagues helps keep many people ready for the field. Sweating a bit for that is absolutely no price to pay.” he says. Diet charts, workout logs, activity sheets, motivation cards, these are worlds apart from the life of a forklift operator. But when you are Sandip Magar, these are a part and parcel of life.

His decade long tenure at HCCB has been both a story of fitness and hard work.

He started his run with HCCB in 2009 as part of the shipping team, shipping as many as 7000 cases in a day. However, for him, that was not enough. The fitness enthusiast that he was, he joined the Pune Academy in 2012, receiving accreditation as a personal trainer, and has been training others ever since. He has personally trained more than 15 individuals since then.

His love for the company and his need to make a difference drives him to conduct the same for the team, building their strength and stamina. While he knows a good workout can do a great deal for the body, he also knows that consuming the right diet can do the rest. He is currently working with factory seniors to make changes to incorporate healthier diet options in the factory’s canteen.

He can do 60 -70 push ups in a minute. And he is training everyone in our Pune’s factory to make sure they can keep up with him!


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