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Through The Eyes Of A Fresher

Transition from campus to corporate life could be daunting or delightful depending on the kind of organisation one joins. Nonetheless, it’s a significant change in one’s life. Sure enough, the first organisation holds a significant place and plays a crucial role in one’s career. In many ways, it sets the tone for what lies ahead in terms of learning, development and career growth.

HCCB’s Communication team catches up with one of the new joinees, Akshita Saxena, who joined the organisation as Supply-Chain Analyst straight after completing her BE in Computer Science in July 2019. Read on to get a glimpse of what she experienced in her initial days in the organisation.

Akshita Saxena

So, what was your first reaction when you learnt that you were joining HCCB?
It was like dream come true for me. First, I could not believe when I got the appointment letter. Gradually, the excitement sunk in and the anxiety to work with one of India’s top FMCG companies took over.

So, how were your initial few days?
It has been a fascinating journey so far. To tell you the truth, I was really anxious and a little intimidated as well in the beginning. But surprisingly, I got assimilated into HCCB workplace like fish took to water. People out here are so warm and welcoming that I never felt like a newcomer. It’s a home away from home.

Akshita Saxena

Could you describe a typical day in HCCB?
It’s pretty chilled out. The décor in our headquarters in Bengaluru is so vibrant and colourful that one feels like hanging around. People could be seen chatting up over coke or tea either at workplace or in cafeteria. There’s no dress code. The meetings are generally informal, and everyone seems more than eager to help and collaborate. The positivity is quite palpable in the air and people seem to marvel at working on some exciting projects and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. And, how can I forget to mention about the entire range of HCCB owned beverages that is available on the house. But my favourite is hot chocolate of our own brand Georgia. It’s simply irresistible. On a serious note, we enjoy our work at HCCB.

What has been the highpoint of your stint in the company so far?
Luckily for me, it has been an enriching experience so far. But the factory visit as part of our induction programme is something that will remain etched in my memory forever. I was almost transfixed to see the entire chain of manufacturing processes behind the making of our favourite brands of beverages that we have been consuming since our childhood.

What do you enjoy most about working at HCCB?
I consider myself extremely lucky to get an opportunity to work with some exceptional talents who are trying to create positive impact in their respective fields. It’s a great opportunity to learn from such experienced colleagues. Not a day in HCCB passes without any learning. In fact, this is one of the reasons I look forward to coming to the office every day.

What is one thing about HCCB that you are proud of?
It has to be about the company’s commitment to contribute towards its community. It’s heartening to see the kind of work that the company has done to engage with people in its community to improve the quality of their lives. Whether its water conservation efforts or model village initiatives or world without waste programmes, the company’s efforts and contributions are commendable indeed.

Akshita Saxena

What’s your advice to youngsters who are on the verge of getting into the corporate world?
I would urge freshers to be careful in selection of the organisation. While pay package is important but one should not be swayed by pay alone. In my view, one should join a company which is managed professionally as per well laid out systems and procedures and where people are respected and recognised for their contributions. One should look for an organisation which has a soul and where people are driven by a purpose. Besides, the prospective candidates would do well to hone their soft skills as well before getting into the real world of work.

What will you tell those who want to make a career in HCCB?
If you are a kind of person who likes challenges, thrives on energy and values ethics more than efficiency then HCCB is the right place for you.

Akshita Saxena
Supply-Chain Analyst
Watch now - A day at HCCB with Akshita Saxena.


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Mallika Rani Kar 03 Mar 2020 10:16 PM

Hello, I am Mallika Rani Kar, I am also like the challenge, and definitely trying in HCCB

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