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Heat Resistant Tarpaulin

Freshness & Great Taste - Insulated

Day in and day out, beverage manufacturers face the challenge of preserving the freshness of their products, from the moment it leaves the factory, till the time it reaches the hands of the consumer.

Considering the varying temperature and climate between different states in India, you cannot trust the weather to be your friend. Extreme and varying weather conditions can often take the zing (carbon dioxide) out of your beverage. Well, not anymore.

HCCB has developed a heat-resistant tarpaulin that is used for covering its products during transportation through trucks from one region to another. The new heat resistant tarpaulin insulates the product from extreme temperatures, while also keeping it safe from dust, water and sunlight. With the ability to maintain the temperature of the shipment at 5-6 degrees below ambient temperature, HCCB beverages can now travel the length and breadth of India without losing its freshness, one wee bit.

HCCB has also bagged The Worldstar 2018 Award instituted by the World Packaging Organization for this innovation.


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