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Working with 4300 + partners across our business value chain, we at HCCB take pride in claiming that we procure more than 95% of our ingredients for our beverages locally in India.


Partnering with a country-wide network of the local communities, farmers, and industries, HCCB strives to create a shared sustainable future for all. The company remains committed to contributing to the cause of its community through a well-orchestrated plan and strategy.


Equipped with ‘best-in-class digital automated tools, techniques, and technologies, and run by carefully chosen professionals, the 15 factories of HCCB today manufacture more than 60 products, under 9 categories, packed in more than 200 different sizes (SKUs)


HCCB has 32 modern warehouses with the latest technologies for receiving, storing, and dispatching beverages in different assortments to distributors and some national key accounts as per order fulling plan in a clockwise precision.


With a country-wide network of around 3600+ distributors, HCCB ensures its beverages are delivered and replenished at every outlet, small or big, with speed, precision, and accuracy.


HCCB has appointed wholesalers in remote areas, which cannot be served by large distributors, to cater to the needs of small retailers across a cluster of villages


Serving more than 2.4 lakh retailers, the company ensures both availability and visibility of its products in the right pack at the right price, in the right channels


Offering a wide range of beverages – both cold and hot - for almost every occasion, HCCB strives to offer a choice to its consumers at their arm’s length

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Beverage Making Process
Water Purification

HCCB uses the best-in-class 7-step water purification process to ensure the quality of water used in its portfolio of beverages including water for its consumers. The company also ensures consistency in the taste and flavor of its beverages worldwide through pH balancing, mineral content levels, flavor, and other specific requirements of water.

Beverage Making
Beverage Mixing

Beverage is made by mixing purified water with treated sugar and concentrate or beverage base (fruit pulp) in the right proportions as per the Master Mixing Instructions in stainless steel tanks. Depending on the kind of beverage, the mix, known as Final Syrup is then taken to the Paramix where the sparkling drinks are chilled up to 4*C for carbonation and the non-sparkling fruit juices are heated up to 96 to 98*C for pasteurization.


The final syrup is then blended with water through an automated proportioning process in controlled amounts and taken to the filler. The sparkling drinks are filled and sealed hygienically in glass, PET, Tetra pack, or CAN bottle in a cold condition, and fruits are generally filled in a hot condition in a highly sterile environment. All the empty bottles are first cleaned, sanitized, and approved through a 5-step Cleaned-In-Place (CIP) process before they are filled electro-pneumatically and sealed with the final beverages.


The bottles, cans, or tetra packs are immediately sealed with pressure-resistant closures at the capper or the crowner. The caps can be made of tinplate, recyclable plastic caps, or steel crowns with corrugated edges.


Each container after filling and capping is immediately date-coded with an automatic machine. Labels with requisite statutory product details along with nutritional information are then applied as a patch for returnable glass bottles and as a wraparound sheet for PET bottles. Cans and tetra packs are preprinted before filling.


The filled containers (bottles, cans, or tetra packs) get automatically arranged on a moving conveyor in a pack size configuration to suit the crate or case arrangement. Each pack at the end of the conveying section is then wrapped with transparent shrink films and then automatically lifted and loaded into a cardboard tray using pneumatic grippers for palletizing. The beverages are then shifted in the pallet forms to the warehouse for onward dispatch to the distributors.

Tea and Coffee
Georgia Range of Products
Georgia Products

HCCB is the sole supplier of Georgia brand of tea and coffee in India since 2002 under the trademark rights of The Coca-Cola Company. The brand, which is named after the home state of Coca-Cola in the USA, offers an entire range of premium hot & cold beverages - freshly brewed coffee, hot premix flavored tea, coffee, iced tea, and cold coffee through company-owned vending machines only.

Business Model
Business Model

As part of its dispensing and vending model of sales & distribution, HCCB leveraging its countrywide network, installs dispensing machines at corporate sites, institutions such as colleges and hospitals, and entertainment channels such as cinema theatres, malls, and auditoriums to dispense its hot and cold coffee, tea and hot chocolates.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Defining, and then sourcing only approved quality of coffee beans and tea from select suppliers, the company has complete control over the entire value chain of coffee and tea including processing, packaging, and distribution. HCCB is ably supported by Global Brewed Beverages, the inhouse beverages competency centre of The Coca-Cola Company, in its efforts to develop and commercialise the entire range of products.

Key Building Blocks
Quality Checks

With best-in-class technology, processes, and practices, we at HCCB strive to serve our consumers their favorite beverages in its purest form. All the quality checks are defined and designed to ensure that the ingredients such as treated water, concentrate, carbon dioxide, sugar, and final beverages conform to the requisite standards.


Inter-connectivity of the machines and diverse processes is the cornerstone of our new construct. Powered by some advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IOT), and big data analytics, the digitization process in HCCB factories has made seamless communication between people, processes, and machines possible.

Logistics & Transport

Using a sophisticated Transport Management System HCCB work with transporters to consolidate, optimize, and match all orders from across the country. The idea is to ensure timely delivery of its beverages from factories to distributors via depots by way of minimizing the freight cost and multiple handling.

Business Shared Services

Leveraging some of the most advanced IT tools and technologies, Business Shared Services in HCCB is helping drive revenues, reduce cost, streamline daily processes and analyze millions of data points every day to keep the engines running. HCCB relies heavily on this team for efficiency, diligence, and delivery of routine and repeated transactions.


Using advanced IT and Analytical tools, HCCB’s Distribution Teamwork relentlessly ensures its beverages are regularly replenished and made available to its consumers at arm’s length in more than 2.4 lakh retail outlets across the length and breadth of the country covering almost 360 districts. The entire coordination from factories to distributors is simply mindboggling.

Route to market

Working on the last mile connect, our distributors use an order management tool to ensure timely delivery of beverages at retail outlets in their respective territories based on order size, brand assortment, and packs. The distributors then assign vehicles as per load size and finalize routes to cover the maximum number of outlets.

Establishing Industrial Benchmarks
Ranks among Ranks among India’s
600 quality Conducts around 600 quality checks at different periodicity in every factory
energy requirements Meets 50% of energy requirements in its factories from renewable & clean energy sources
Indian market Caters to 60% of the Indian market across 22 states and 3 union territories
India through 60 Serves 2.5 Million retail outlets in India through 60 products in 200+ SKUs
Deploys 16 bots Deploys 16 bots to drive internal efficiencies

Visit our factories and grab the chance to spend an entire day with our HCCB family and learn about your favorite beverages.

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Visit our factories and grab the chance to spend an entire day with our HCCB family and learn about your favorite beverages.

Learn about our iconic beverage brands, how they are made, what goes inside your beverage, and a lot more by taking a virtual tour with us.
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