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#Zeroispossible - HCCB’s Commitment to Road Safety

Going the Extra Mile for Road Safety Awareness

Road Safety | National Road Safety Week 2023 | HCCB

Road safety in India continues to be a significant development issue, a public health concern, and a leading source of death and injury worldwide, claiming more than 1.5 lakh lives and injuring 3.8 lakh people in India alone. Road accidents have irreparable human and social repercussions.

Over the years, HCCB has introduced several initiatives to ensure that its wide transportation network, which is one of the biggest in the country, maintains the highest road safety standards across the country. Eventually, it is the road infrastructure in India that enables us to make close to 7,500 shipments of our products each day. 

As we observe the 34th National Road Safety Week, it’s a matter of pride for us that HCCB is the only FMCG company in India, that is now ISO 39001-2015 (Road Traffic Safety Management System) certified. 

We believe #ZeroIsPossible

From the biggest of cities to the last mile, the HCCB network runs nationwide, and leverages a robust transportation system that relies on its drivers. 

Our drivers are indispensable to our supply chain, ensuring on-time delivery of the country’s most loved beverages to our customers. Much of our success over the years can be attributed to each of our drivers' diligence and dedication.

While on the road fulfilling our aim of zero road fatalities, we champion for safety of our drivers through several initiatives. These initiatives ensure our drivers stay up to date on all road safety rules in India and also receive the utmost emotional and technical support.

Educating and Training the Drivers

On the journey that connects wholesalers, retailers, warehouses, and more, a driver comes up against many situations, some predictable, some unpredictable. This is why HCCB places emphasis on training initiatives, such as Defensive Driver Training and Driver Training Kiosks.

These programs are designed to help drivers stay vigilant on the road and equip them with tools to tackle unprecedented situations that may arise due to fatigue or any third-party mishap. 

Tackling driver wellness and fatigue

Several road accidents are attributed to driver fatigue, this is why HCCB’s driver management centers (DMCs) are designed to curb the issue. Spread across the country, our 23 DMCs, create a safe space for our drivers before they head on to their respective transport routes. 

These DMCs are designed and integrated with restrooms, beds, and canteens, that allow the driver to refresh, unwind and relax while ensuring that they head back on the road in the right frame of mind.


Stringent vehicle maintenance and servicing 

Every vehicle that carries our beverages undergoes a strict “No-Go” checklist to ensure that no vehicle is compromised with faulty hardware. 

The Fleet Management Programme corroborates the vehicles to comply with set standards of optimum vehicle performance to ensure a smooth, trouble-free, and risk-free journey

Leveraging modern vehicle technology

Vital to our mission of #ZeroIsPossible is technology. To ensure road safety across our transportation routes, we leverage modern technology.

We run GPS tracking systems in our trucks that deliver additional insight into the drivers’ journey. This additional insight helps assess the drivers’ level of fatigue as well as further understand the unique obstacles each driver faces on their route. 

Furthermore, we utilise our mobile applications that ensure consistent interaction with the driver to gain 100% visibility of drivers’ behaviours and vehicle conditions. 

Seeing Machines

The seeing machines are fatigue monitoring systems well equipped with artificial intelligence. These are placed in key positions in our trucks to monitor and report the driver's attentiveness on the job. It also has a feature to intervene if it detects fatigue or distraction.

The sophisticated face-and-eye tracking algorithm measures the driver’s head position, eye gaze, and eye closure to detect fatigue and distraction. Once detected, the program proceeds to activate audio alarms and powerful seat vibrations, alerting the driver and the Guardian Centre.

The data and the footage collected are then relayed to the 24/7 Guardian Centre through a secure connection for review and then, if needed, fatigue intervention is initiated.

HCCB’s commitment to road safety management

From building driver management centers to regular medical check-ups for our drivers, HCCB for over a decade has proven to have an unrelenting amount of gratitude for their drivers. 

At HCCB, we take a proactive approach to road safety, ensuring that not only our vehicles but also our drivers, are well-maintained and cared for. Our goal of achieving #ZeroIsPossible through road safety awareness extends beyond the safety and well-being of our drivers and has a positive impact across India's vast road network


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