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7 Steps To Purify Water Purification at HCCB

HCCB uses the ‘best-in-class’ technology to treat water for packaged drinking water with utmost care and assure quality.

HCCB that essentially sources surface water from either rivers and reservoirs through established municipal systems, or groundwater from wells or aquifers for packaged drinking water, uses a 7-step water purification process in all its factories. The company’s endeavor is to provide the purest form of water used in its portfolio of beverages including water for its consumers.

To be sure, HCCB goes even beyond meeting the IS 14543 norm prescribed by the Govt of India for manufacturing and packaging of drinking water. The company diligently strives to ensure that each packaged drinking bottle also complies with more stringent Coca-Cola’s own global standards.

The ‘best-in-class’ 7-step water purification process of HCCB entails

1. Chlorination – Disinfect and destroy microorganisms;

2. Chemical Coagulation/ Reverse Osmosis–stage-1 – Essentially removes larger particles called floc which settles down due to coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation;

3. Activated Carbon Purification – Removes residual chlorine, off taste and off odor through a process called adsorption and remaining pesticides, if any;

4. Reverse Osmosis – Removes contaminants at a molecular level to the size of one millionth of a millimeter;

5. Mineral Injection – Adds back essential minerals in the purest form to enrich nutrition and taste;

6. Micron Filtration – Removes all particulate and micro contamination through 0.2 micron filtration process;

7. Ozonation – Finally eliminate bacteria, viruses, and cysts (if any) and further reduces the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduces or eliminates taste and odor problems.

Apart from achieving purity of water, the 7-step water purification process also enables HCCB to ensure consistency in taste and flavor of its beverages world-wide. This is achieved through pH balancing, mineral content levels, flavor, and other specific requirements of water.

Following its comprehensive global quality standards and sustainability norms, HCCB treats the water that does not go into beverage making before returning the same to nature and municipalities.

Here is a graphical representation of our water filtration process that will give you a clear picture of the Water Filtration Process Followed At HCCB.


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