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Food Safety Tips

Food Safety Tips

Over the last 25 years at HCCB, all that Rajesh Nair has done, is ensure that every time the consumer picks up one of our products, they never have to worry about its safety and quality. Rajesh Nair heads the Quality team at HCCB.

On the World Food Safety Day, he funnelled his wisdom on food safety into simple bullet points, which are very handy to a household.

Here is Rajesh Nair’s 4D approach to food safety and pest control.

4D approach to food safety and Pest Management

1. Deny Entry
The First D is all about denying access to pests. All entry points to your kitchen should be closed to prevent pest’s entry. Doors, windows, and even drains must be checked.

2. Deny Food
Pests are in search of food. Even simple things such as food spillage will attract pests. The Second D is to deny food to the pests. That means two things. One, your kitchen should be clean. Two food should be stored away in a safe place.


3. Deny Shelter
The Third D is to deny them shelter. The cracks and crevices are favoured dwelling places for pests. Any empty space should be blocked

4. Destroy Pests
Sometimes, regardless of your best effort, it can be difficult to get rid of pests completely. This is why Rajesh’s fourth D is - Destroy Pests. Regular pest control is necessary. Most people start with pest control. However, Rajesh has found that following these 4Ds is an excellent way to keep pests at bay.


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