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Infinite – The Magic Of The Cubes At HCCB

Capturing the diverse portfolio of HCCB through art

43 quintillion (a billion times a billion) – the number of permutations into which a Rubik's cube can be arranged. If you choose to break it apart and rearrange, it can be 12 times as many. In other words, holding a Rubik's cube is the closest you might come to holding "infinity" in your hand.

HCCB's core - its logo, its visual identity system, its business - is built around bringing infinite possibilities to life! No wonder Prithveesh Bhat, an Engineer and artist from Udupi, chose Rubik's cubes to create this representation of the vast portfolio of HCCB products.


The first thing that greets a visitor to the Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages headquarters in Bangalore, is this artwork on its main wall. Created by Prithveesh Bhat, using 7,400 Rubik's cubes, each of size 3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm, the mosaic denotes the scale of HCCB and its vast range of products.

Prithveesh entered the Guinness World Records for the ‘Largest Dual Sided Rubik’s Cube Mosaic’ and the ‘Most contributions to a Rubik's cube mosaic’. As a local artist based out of Bangalore, reaching out to him was a part of HCCB’s ongoing efforts to promote and nurture local artists and different artforms.

So how does he do it, when asked, Prithveesh says, "It was challenging to source the right colors of Rubik's Cubes. Even a single wrong placement of any coloured cube would have led to a distortion of the product." Prithveesh uses a software he had developed during his graduation, which helps him draw a rough sketch and create a graph explaining the positioning of the cubes.

24-year-old Prithveesh says, “Creating the Mosaic Wall with 7,400 mini Rubik Cubes was an intricate task”. “The first challenge was sourcing the cubes with specific colour and dimensions. The next was visualizing the mosaic wall to ensure a perfect synchronisation with all the cubes”. A number of aspects like excellent planning and attention to the minutest details were necessary for flawless execution. Working with a team, Prithveesh pushed them for a perfect execution because even one wrongly placed mini cube could distort the entire mosaic wall.

Prithveesh also added, “I am happy that my mosaic art will be part of the HCCB's office and its newly created Experience Centre, for people to understand the physics behind it."


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