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A Trusted Name For Taste & Purity - Kinley


HCCB has been manufacturing Kinley, the packaged drinking water, ever since it was introduced to India by the Coca-Cola system in 2000. The brand name Kinley that promises the assurance of clean and safe drinking water, stands for trust and truth.

True to its promise, the Kinley water goes through a rigorous and intensive 10-step process of purification before it reaches the consumer. The process involves disinfection, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, 10-micron polishing filtration, reverse osmosis, 5-micron polishing filtration, UV treatment, 1-micron polishing filtration, mineral dosing, and ozone filtration.

Among other contaminants the purification process also removes trace compounds like carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, phosphates, nitrates, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and manganese from the water.


Referred to as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) most of these compounds, if not removed, could cause hardness of water, often harmful to the health. But such a low level of TDS, achieved through reverse osmosis, gives water a flat taste. Besides, the reverse osmosis also removes some beneficial minerals from water. Moreover, water purified to that point becomes slightly acidic, giving it a tendency to dissolve and pull nutrients out of our body's cells. HCCB, therefore, using mineral dosing process, adds the necessary minerals such as sodium and magnesium salts as per its unique formula and within prescribed limits, to the treated water obtained through reverse osmosis. The mineral dosing not only enhances the taste of the water but also makes it slightly alkaline, which is important for a healthy body.

Kinley Water thus produced meets all the stringent national and international norms. The standard procedures followed ensures purity and consistency of the quality of water. It comes with the assurance of safety of the highest standards.

The packaging of Kinley water bottle is also unique. In 2009, HCCB in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company embarked on a lightweighting programme in India that was aimed at reducing the raw material for the PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate, a petroleum derivative) bottle for Kinley water. The project on completion led to a saving of approximately 2.5 grams of PET raw material per Kinley water bottle. To further reduce the weight and PET content, the company began to use the nitro fill process which allowed more stable packaging with lesser quantity of material. The lightweighting initiative even won the Global Innovation (Productivity) Award for The Coca-Cola Company in 2016.

HCCB also manufactures two more varieties of mineral water from the Coca-Cola’s global stable, namely Bonaqua and Smartwater. While Bonaqua is made through a multi-barrier filtration system, reverse osmosis treatment and disinfection, Smarwater is inspired by a process, that nature uses to make clouds, called vapour distillation. HCCB started manufacturing its global enhanced water brand Smartwater in India in 2017 at its factory in Bidadi, near Bangalore, Karnataka.


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Dines Bhunia 24 Dec 2022 01:51 PM

I hv 3 nos 20 lit. empty jar for which I misplaced the deposit slip. Pl tell me how can I get those deposit back?

Sandeep Kumar 17 Sep 2022 11:18 PM

why have you stopped 20ltr jar service in Pune. I personally had a serious impact on day to day life as I have to change the water and didnt actually found which suites . Felt time cheated. Make sure not to do that in other places.

Sumit Kashyap 25 Jun 2022 02:36 AM

Kinley water shortage in shops of Sant Nagar, Burari, New Delhi 110084. Shopkeepers say that kinley has shortage of plastics to manufacture bottles. Being a regular buyer of kinley water, I have so many unusable bottles that I want the company to take and recycle them.

Hotel Gurukrupa 27 Mar 2022 07:25 PM

we every month purchase 150 case kinley bottel water 1 liter from venders but never given any offer or discount on purchase price second thing never present legal bill on our hotel name last 5 months we requesting for bill never show why? our hotel name hotel gurukrupa residency murbad road bapsai kalyan our hotel number-8928309059

Sandeep Kumar 07 Feb 2021 10:37 PM

please revert back to old taste. Have been a regular consumer of 20ltr, use to have my best coffee made out of Kinley water. Now its all ruined. Not liking the taste at all. Sad that I don't have any other option now.

sandeep p 20 Jan 2021 04:25 AM

revert back to old taste .. new one i causing health issues and tastes bad

prathmesh nikte 09 Jan 2021 08:41 PM

What was the old / previous name of kinley mineral water?

Nirank Jain 30 Dec 2020 10:34 PM

Kinley water has always stood for trust and highest quality standards. Kinley diligently follows the laws of the country and the new Kinley water meets the new requirements of food safety regulations. Packaged drinking water industry is required to compulsorily add an amount of Mg and Ca mineral by January 1, 2021. Taste of any packaged drinking water mainly depends on the minerals that are found in water. Kinley now contains higher dosage of minerals. Kinley now contains 10 mg per litre magnesium mineral and 20 mg per litre calcium mineral. Due to addition of above minerals, the water may taste slightly different...

preety ekka 14 Dec 2020 09:34 PM

I am using Kinley water for the past 7 years but off late from few days the taste of the water has changed. It tastes little salty. Why is it so? Even after informing the vendor I was told that the composition of water has changed. Kindly clarify

Amit Saxena 08 Dec 2020 11:49 AM

No respond of my last question ? Kindly share us the TDS details, we are facing a health issue to consume your water

Amit Saxena 30 Nov 2020 05:13 PM

I am using Kindly for couple of years but now I have noticed the taste of water has been changed. I have been informed by vendor it was changed from past 05 days due to new water parameters. Is that true ?

Deepika Sangwan 31 Jul 2020 06:09 AM

It's amazing to know that a mineral water bottle that I'm holding have gone through such rigorous processes to ensure its purity and mineral balance. I'm greatly impressed with the low PET content with light weighted bottles.

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